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Lori Kucille:

I started the HCG drops for a month weighing 191 LBS and only got down to 186 and didn’t feel satisfied enough and met with Dr.Badesha about “The real” HCG program with injections. I was a little scared as I hated needles and I work shift work on call so wasn’t a perfect candidate for this kind of diet. With weekly guidance, expert advice from Dr.Badesha, and determination, I lost 31 LBS in 6 weeks! I even quit smoking, I’m off all my high blood pressure medication and have never felt better and more energetic and happy in my whole life! It’s been a week now and with a but f celebrating I have only gained 2 LBS back. Im continuing a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise and still continuing guidance from Dr.Badesha, he has changed my life and I recommend this HCG diet that he provides.

Thank you!


Lori Watson:


Medithin rapid weight loss program.   28 LBS, 28 inches, my wedding dress is too big!

What else can I say, but it works. Dr Navi is the best!


I did this program for 6 weeks and I lost 30 LBS. I am very happy with it, it was very good and very easy.



Amazing program, dropped 4 dress sizes, lost 32 LBS, went from very high blood pressure to normal, this program works exactly as promised! The support you receive from “Mediworks” is professional, invaluable, and effective! The results are fast and east to maintain. I have never slept as good as I do now. My energy is at its highest. Many people tell me I have lost years and look much younger. I am so thankful that I found this program.


Paul D:


I lost almost 40 LBS in 5 weeks on the Medithin rapid weight loss program


Brad B:

I started diet skeptical about being hungry, but once I started the first week wasn’t that bad and when you notice 10 LBS in the first week you get motivated. I lost a total of 25 LBS in 3 weeks.

BEFORE                                      AFTER



Donna Darling:


I have suffered for years with being cold, losing hair, feeling depressed. The list goes on. Was told by several allopathic doctors that I was “fine”. Saw Dr.Navi and he asked a lot of different questions, had a thorough blood test and determined I have hypaoactive (low) thyroid. I have been on desiccated thyroid medication for 3 months now and I am feeling great!! I also did the hCG weight loss program and lost 14lbs in 21days. Thank you Dr.Navi.


Om Prakash:


I lost 29lbs in 6 weeks and feel great. Thanks Dr. Navi


Miss Bhatti:

I lost 36 pounds during this program. I feel great, my old clothes fit and I am also getting good remarks—I feel so good after losing extra pounds from my body, thanks to Dr.Navi Badesha.


Ronika Sharma:

I lost 16 pounds easily. Thanks


Swaran Sharma:

Great program, lost 22.5 pounds


Mandeep Sandhu:

From 190-166, I lost 2 and a half inches. I did the 6 week program, and 2 week stabilization.


Mrs. Sandhu:

total weight loss in six weeks is 20 LBS. I feel much better and healthy, love this program.


Hugo Castaneda:

It’s been a great program, lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks, program works.


Joseph Neff:


I lost 22lbs in 25 days. 6 ½ of the belly button measurement. More energy, sleep better, no sleepy feeling in mid-afternoon. That was the good. Now the bad, I need to buy new clothes as my old fat pants are falling off me, great hey

Thanks to Mediworks and Navi, Life changing.


Manjit Bhella:


Very good program. I feel great. I lost 44lbs in 6 weeks on the Medithin rapid weight loss prgram. Thank you so much Dr. Navi.


Gurdev Rajput:


It doesn’t look like it but trust me, he’s a happy camper. Mr. Rajput lost 21 pounds in 5 weeks, great program


Diane Schellenberg:

Lost 25 LBS and 20 inches on the 6 week HCG program.


Sukhdip Dhindsa


Lost over 65lbs on our Medithin rapid weight loss program


Pardeep Bassi:


Great program, great results. I’m really happy with my weight loss. I would recommend this program and Dr.Badesha to all my friends and family.


Gurminder Bolla:


The Medithin rapid weight loss program was a great experience and had fantastic results. Was glad to take part in this program. Thank you!


Sahib Brar:


I lost 23.3lbs in 6 weeks and I didn’t even follow the diet as strictly as Dr. Navi wanted me to. It works!!


Brian Chiasson:


Brian is an addictions counselor that lost 66lbs on our Medithin rapid weight loss program.


Mr. Nijjar:


I lost 29.4lbs in 4 weeks on Dr. Navi’s Medithin rapid weight loss program


Karanvir Banwait:


Mr. Banwait did our 3 week Medithin rapid weight loss program and lost close to 20lbs!!


Mr. Dhaliwal:


Mr. Dhaliwal lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks on our Medithin rapid weight loss program and normalized his blood sugar levels.


Mr. Singh:


Mr. Singh lost 35lbs in 6 weeks on our Medithin rapid weight loss program eating only a vegetarian version of the diet.


Mr. Singh


Mr. Singh did amazingly well on our Medithin rapid weight loss program losing 25lbs in 6 weeks

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